Thursday, July 19, 2007

Grass cutting or pebble spraying

My car got its paint chipped off again! On the way to work today, I didn't manage to see MPSJ cutting grass(spraying pebbles) by road side. When I pass them, I heard a loud pebble connecting to my door sound. On inspection after I parked my car at the office later, found that paint had been chipped off.
I think everyone had problems with the pebble spraying before. MPSJ sends its arsenal of pebble sprayers out nearly every month. I had seen cars with side windows smashed, windscreen smashed and I guess a lot of cars are as unfortunate as mine, with paint chipped off or bodywork dented.
Everyone knows that these pebble sprayers are unsafe when there are cars or motorcycles on the road. Why must they do it every time when people are driving to work when the traffic is at its peak? I wonder if these pebble spraying issue happens elsewhere in other countries or am I stuck in the only country whose town council does not think.


  1. Haizzzz...I had the same experience few years back when i was working in car had dents all over because of these grass cutters!!!

  2. Next time we should get those paintball guns. They dent our cars again, we pebble them with paintballs. :))