Saturday, July 07, 2007


Today is suppose to be a special day. Why? Because the calendar will show three "07". However, other than noticing a lot of people trying to get married on this special day, I don't see it being really special at all.

It is an extremely warm day. Been like this since one or two weeks ago. Makes us hot, irritated and tired. There are also news that the haze will be coming again from our neighboring country. I managed to miss it the previous year by being in another continent. Hope the haze does not come this year as I have no opportunity to escape it this year.

Referring to weddings, there is really a lot of wedding dinner going on this weekend. Maybe everyone thinks that 070707 is a special day for getting married. For those who miss it this year, there is still 080808, 090909, 101010, 111111, 121212. If you are still not married by 2013, then you might have to wait till 2101 for 010101. That's if you can wait that long.

I have nothing special to mention on this special day as it has so far appear to be very ordinary to me. So that's it.


  1. Not only the 070707 figure that was special...according to the chinese calender, both 070707 and 080707 were really good dates!

  2. So you also tried to book this two dates before is it?
    Got research already, big day coming lor?

  3. ler...I moved to new house on 08/07/07 lah...good date mah...