Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Resetting IBM DB2 identity column

How many of you use the database generated primary keys? I prefer to use it because it remove the hassle to manually generate and maintain sequence numbers manually. Even though the sequence number is generated by the db, it can still be changed via the following syntax.
alter table table_name alter column column_name restart with new_restart_number

Monday, June 25, 2007

Jump - Comic Martial Arts Performance

What do you get when you combine martial arts with comedy? You get JUMP, a Korean comic martial arts performance, that will make your jaws drop and laugh till your sides in stitches.

Last weekend, I went to Genting Highlands Resort to catch the JUMP show at Genting International Showroom. I initially planned to watch it but didn't actually booked any tickets as I cannot find reviews on the show and didn't know whether is it worth it. I called up Genting on that day and found out there are tickets available for the afternoon show. After giving them 16 numbers and an expiry date, I manage to get two PS2 (tier two) tickets.

Took a light meal, drive to Genting, collect tickets, walk around for 30 minutes and got into the Genting International Showroom. Seems like the afternoon show is not as popular as the night show and there are some available seats in PS1 left. Genting were kind enough to give free upgrades to everyone and move everyone more to the front. Thanks Genting. :)

Few minutes prior to the start, one of the actors suddenly appear out of nowhere behind me. He is old with crooked legs and bended back. He call upon the audience to support him whilst he make his way down to the stage. On the way down, he will sit with the audience, rest, ask for massages, take photos with pretty girls, etc. When he finally got to the stage with the help of a kind young man who carried him piggy back all the way down, the show starts.

The plot starts with showing a Korean family whose grand father is very strict with the family and makes sure everyone practices martial arts. There is also the father, the mother, the alcoholic uncle and the daughter. From there it proceeds to the arrival of a son-in-law.

Soon after that, two unfortunate robber decided to rob the house. The story ends with the robbers defeated and the family lived happily ever after :)

There are a lot of beautifully executed fight scenes and hilarious antics. The antics are quite unexpected and will leave you in stitches. I definitely recommend this show if you have the chance to see it.

Some photos below.