Monday, May 07, 2007

Puspakom to vet all used cars to prevent 'kereta potong'

The news today mentioned that the government is going to make it mandatory to have all used cars to be checked and approved by Puspakom before ownership transfer is allowed. Their reason for this move is to prevent cut and joined cars on the road. There could also be a hidden agenda in it, where few years from now, Puspakom inspection might means older cars will not pass the inspection, thus reducing the amount of old vehicles on our road, forcing the citizens to buy new cars.
Anyway, how many of us actually trust Puspakom inspection? Most of us don't even trust SIRIM inspection. I suspect anything inspected in this country can have its result tweaked by political or monetary means. Would this Puspakom be another money sucking machine? I wouldn't be surprise if later years, to sell your car, you will have to pay Puspakom, whether your car is healthy or not healthy will depends on how much you fund Puspakom. If you don't pay, they will just declare your car as not road worthy.

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