Tuesday, January 30, 2007

P2P networks

Lately, there have been a lot of complaints about bandwidth throttling for p2p network users. Is it ethical for throttling to be in place when the service providers advertise their services as UNLIMITED usage for a fixed fee per month? Their excuses for implementing throttling is that p2p users used up more than 50% of their bandwidth. According to this article, p2p now dominates more than 50% of the bandwidth. From my interpretion of the results, Internet users had evolved from using http to p2p network for file transfer. If p2p network was never introduced in the first place, I figure our Internet users will still consume the same amount of bandwidth, just that it will be in another protocol. If there is not p2p traffic, users will be doing direct http downloads, ftp downloads and even email downloads. So in my opinion, blaming p2p services for congesting their network is not reasonable. Bandwidth throttling is also unreasonable. Imagine this, a person sells you all the water you can take from his pond for one day for a fix amount of $1. After you pay for it, you proceed to bring a pail to scoop the water. Upon arrival at the pond, the owner take away your pail and give you a spoon. Do you think it is fair?

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