Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Fish and Chips at Dome Cafe

Had lunch just now with collegues at Dome Cafe in Subang Parade. Didn't know what taste great there and do not wish to take beef today, so opt for fish and chips. It is the worst fish and chips I had ever eaten. The fish does not taste of fish but of flour. As for the drinks, I think I also made a wrong choice of lime juice. It is very sweet and have very light lime taste. Should had tried San Francisco Steakhouse's Value Set Lunch instead.


  1. So rich eh.. Having lunch at Dome.. Not bad!

  2. hehe... since already in Subang Jaya, should go Summit mah. When r u coming down to KL? can have lunch with me ler...

  3. oh ya.. besides Pie and Pasta, i don't think any food at Dome is good.