Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Teknion Savera Synchro-Tilt

Today, my office finally decided to replace all the aging chairs with new ones from Teknion. The model is Savera Synchro-Tilt and is black in color. It is fully adjustable and I think it should be really comfortable for long hours. Maybe my boss is trying to tempt us to sit longer in the office? ;;)
Here is a description of the chair, quoted from Teknion's website.
Savera is a fully featured, price-competitive task chair offering basic and enhanced ergonomic features across numerous applications, from task-intensive to meeting rooms.

Two Mechanism Options

· Swivel-tilt model:

- Meets ergonomic needs for general use seating

· Synchro-tilt model:

- For every three degrees the back tilts, the seat reclines one degree, with a total back tilt of 24.5"

- Meets ergonomic needs for multi-task and general use functions

Lumbar Height

· Adjusts 2.75" on both swivel-tilt and synchro-tilt model

· Provides maximum personalized support

Seat Height

· Seat adjusts up and down 4.37"

· Adjusts to the leg length of the user for proper posture and circulation

Arm Height

· Armrests adjust up and down 4"

· Provides optimal user comfort

Arm Width

· Overall arm width adjustment of 2.36"

· Adjusts the arm position to the user and task

Tilt Tension

· Swivel-tilt model locks in upright position; synchro-tilt model locks in four positions

· Tilt tension adjustment offers user control of back free-flow resistance

Chair Sizes

· Available in mid-back and high-back sizes


· Partial or dual upholstery options available


  1. Is good to hear that. So I guess you should stay on for health purpose. Good chair indeed. Plus ur boss very 'sek' u wat :P

  2. I have to agree with Belinda. :)) This is better for your health than going to eat salted pig hand everyday.

  3. Used to have such chair in office...didn't feel anything special--just a chair ;)
    Anyway have fun with ur new chair :P