Sunday, May 21, 2006

Local startups

Ever since I graduated, I had worked at quite a number of IT companies, most of them are local startups of less than 2 years. Working in this type of environment, it is indeed very challenging as the company is just starting to grow its business and I would be given opportunities to spear head a lot of things. I am really exposed to a lot of different scenarios and project experiences as startups will usually experiment with a lot of different projects and technology and hope that one of the projects will hit it big. Unfortunately, most of the companies I worked at never really succeeded in growing. Instead they shrunk as the growth is not planned properly and furthermore, the foundation was never laid strong enough. At times like this, salaries will be late, increments will be postponed, promised bonuses will never arrive thus lowering the employees morale. You will soon see the collegues around you getting less and less as they would look for other better opportunities. As the startups will know the fact that they did not plan properly, at this time, they will review the operational cost and decide not to hire anymore even though staffs had left. In this type of scenarios, I will feel job insecurity and locate better opportunities that will grant me job security without me worrying when will my next salary be banked in. Thus this is the main reason I would hope not to step foot into a local startup again unless I am really confident with the company's objective and business viability.

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