Sunday, May 21, 2006

Life is too short for doing anything meaningless

After reading a friend's article, I begin to reflect more on how I had been doing in the past 1 year. I had been mostly involved in support activities on an application hosted on outdated hardware and software. The application was also badly designed and I know that the users of the application was not really happy with the application and will by all means, not use it. Seeing the problem when I was initially assigned to this project, I suggested to redesign/redevelop the system on to a newer and more stable platform where application management and configuration would be much easier. However, my request was turned down as it would incur a lot of cost. My rationale was that on the old platform, to develop/fix one module would take about 5 times the effort compared to a more recent platform as the former is unstable and resource hungry. If we spend some effort to redesign the system, it would save us a lot when maintaining the system plus furthermore, users would also be much more happy to use the system if we could provide faster turn around time to fixes and enhancements. Come to think of it now, what I had done in the past 1 year for this project is quite meaningless as we never actually attacked the root of the problems and I think we failed to provide the best value and work in the most efficient manner. In my future undertakings, I would like to see that what we actually develop would be a SOLUTION that is able to provide VALUE to users and allow them to work more EFFICIENTLY. Efficiency and value are what really drives businesses.

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  1. As long as you get paid on time, with bonus and increment at the end of the year, and you get to go home on time, who cares if the work is meaningless.

    I say, "Life is too short, there's more to life than work".