Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Adopting JSF?

Today, I was asked to join in a discussion to determine whether it is viable to adopt JSF as one of my new colleagues seemed to had used it before in one of his previous projects. So, the discussion goes something like this... Team Lead: So, you had used JSF before, how do you think of it? A: Erm, is similar to taglib, I think if you use taglib, you can use JSF. B(Who seem to use JSF before): Well, it has a lot of features, such as pagination, combo boxes, etc...but the interface is very basic, not nice... A: Well, if it can do pagination, it will be very useful. Pagination is very difficult to do. It is extremely difficult to design a framework to page records efficiently. As an example my ex project.....(and on he goes about the way his previous project does paging..wasted quite a lot of my time). Anyway, if JSF can do pagination, we should adopt it. B: I still think the interface is not nice. I kept my mouth shut the entire discussion, since my knowledge of JSF is very limited. What would your comments be in this situation?


  1. jsf only works well in java ee 5, if your coming project is on java ee 5, go ahead.

  2. Duh.. I just realized that JEE 5 is out already.. I thought it was still in beta.

    Anyway, about JSF... whatever. If you use an IDE that can do JSF then use it, else what for. There are so many web frameworks out there. SpringMVC, Wicket, etc etc... and the latest GWT.

    So I say, use GWT!!