Thursday, December 08, 2005

Why is everyone making the same mistake?

Hopefully, Linux or Solaris can grow fast enough to compete with Windows in terms of ease of use before I need to make the switch. As seen here Microsoft is investing in X-Men. I too believe it is not a wise move as so far, I have not seen really successful implementations by investing there. Maybe the projects and company I deal with are too small compared to what Microsoft is investing and implementing. Anyway, there are a few things quoted which I don't really agreed on. India's highly skilled professionals, low-cost operations, a booming economy, good telecommunications links and a rapidly growing market have made many a foreign companies announce big investments or increase existing investments in the country. India does have highly skilled professionals, however this doesn't mean that the country is full of highly skilled professionals. It could be just a tiny weeny size of India's population that is highly skilled. Anyway, those really highly skilled Indian professionals would had left for States where they can earn a higher income. Therefore those left behind would not be highly skilled and could not survive the booming IT industry by competing with skills and technical knowhow. So, they cut their prices and try to remain competitive. That's where you will get your low cost, by paying for monkeys who are willing to work for peanuts. They might have the best telecommunications links, but have any of you ever try to have conversation with them? I can speak to them face to face and could not comprehend what they are saying as their slang is very heavy. Even worse if you do video conference with them as their body signal for agreeing with something is the same as ours for disagreeing with something. Imagine, you asked them "is it ok?", and they say "Yes" while shaking their head. You would be so confused as to whether they are OK, or not OK. All I can do now is shake my head and say, it is not right do to so...

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