Sunday, December 25, 2005

Penang Bridge

Was trying to locate some traffic information related to the penang bridge. Finally found a site hosted at blogspot which contains image from so called bridgecam(webcam) that promises real time snapshot of the situation on the bridge. There is a also live video feed available. So the next time you wish to visit Penang, check out the traffic information on the Penang Bridge first or you could spend hours stucked in traffic. Actually, I feel that the guys are UEM are quite smart to have mirrored the bridgecam to blogspot. It is quite safe to assume that UEM's server will not be able to cope with high volume of traffic(if more publicity is given to this site). Since most of the information are quite static and blogspot is able to cope, it is only smart to mirror it there instead of their own servers, thus saving on bandwidth and resources. The next step to take will be to mirror the image snapshots to blogspot too.

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