Monday, December 05, 2005

Maxis direct debit

Few years ago, I switched from DIGI Prepaid to Maxis because back then DIGI's coverage is not as good as Maxis. Furthermore Maxis was having a lot of promotions for new sign ups. I subscribe during one of their aniversary promotions and got RM30 rebate every month for two years. I also signed up for direct debit which allow even better rebate. Today, I no longer get this direct debit rebate from Maxis, even the discount for making calls above RM100 no longer applies. My bill has increased tremendously. Is this how Maxis rewards their customer? Or are they trying to make me switch to another plan or even another operator? By staying with Maxis now, I am losing a minimum of few hundred ringgit a year compared to switching. However, it is difficult for me to switch now as I wish to retain my number. I still have a lot of old friends who might be calling at this number. Until the day I can migrate this number to another operator, I have to stay. I think Maxis should reconsider giving rebates for direct debit. Or have some other type of benefits like points system where the points can be used to redeem rebates for new phones. Actually, Maxis can earn if everyone switch to direct debit. They have less staff to maintain for payment collection, less manual work and can even earn interest from the money they collect early. With direct debit, they collect the payment on the first day of the bill, compared to manual payment where I can opt to pay on the due date, which is a one month duration. Imagine 1 million subscriber paid one month earlier and each subscriber's average bill is RM100, Maxis gets 1 million x RM100 interests for one month. Isn't that some amount of money? Anyway, since Maxis has decided that they favour new sign ups compared to retaining loyalty of existing customers, I am cancelling my direct debit and wish everyone else does so. Why help Maxis to earn more when you can make them waste more with the resource they need to chase us to make payment, send more notification to ask us to pay bill, suspend our line, resume our line, etc. So, call 123 on your Maxis mobile NOW and CANCEL your direct debit.

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