Friday, December 09, 2005

A good plan to increase your annual income?

Nowadays, it seems like we hear complaints everywhere from permanent staffs in the Malaysian IT industry about their companies spending a minimum of three to four times their salary to hire contract X-Men. And it is not like these X-Men can carry the responsibities or duties of more than one local developers. I have heard more negative feedbacks about X-Men than positive ones. Some even conclude that whatever codes developed by these X-Men will need rewriting/refactoring, so there is no productivity gain but losses. No way are they cheap too. So why are they being hired? I have seriously no idea. But since the IT industry has a trend towards looking highly upon X-Men and are willing to pay sky high figures for them, I came to think of this idea. We will group our local developers together. Someone go and get PR or citizenship from X-Men's country and setup a company there. Then, outsource the local developers as X-Men with X-Men's prices. Wouldn't this be a win win situation? The companies think they are hiring X-Men and the locals get great pay. However, we might need to learn how to shake our head when agreeing to something and tan ourselves a bit. We might even have to learn how to mumble during conversation so that anything we are trying to say could not be understood by anyone hearing it. And to ensure you can code like X-Men, learn from The Daily WTF. If they suspect you are not X-Men, show them you know how to write a False Detector.

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  1. That's a brilliant idea!! Beside mumbling and shaking head, you need to smell like one too. Go stock up on the coconut oils.