Friday, July 29, 2005

Original Swiss Army Knife equipped with a USB Memory

This will be the knife you want to be carrying while repairing PC and also when you go surviving in the jungle.

Solaris Containers

I was looking into options for sharing multiple development J2EE enviroment on a single physical server. I would had preferred to have multiple boxes but it seems like a single big box is more cost effective. Anyway, I had looked into VMWare, Xen and Virtual PC. VMWare is suitable for a desktop development environment, Xen uses some Linux distro that had to be patched to be able to run on Xen and Virtual PC's review was not really good. Suddenly, I remembered Solaris is now open source. I tried searching for virtual machine on Solaris and found out that Solaris has Solaris Containers that does support running multiple instance on a single host. The instances are known as zones. It can run on Intel boxes, which is really good news. I have also read cases where a single solaris hosts is divided to zones specific for web tier, ejb tier and database. This will really allow simulating a J2EE enviroment properly. Now if only I know how to setup Solaris properly with the proper zones and setup up the web servers, application servers and db on the zones correctly. Someone send me for training please .. References: 1. Solaris Zones 2. Running WebSphere in a Solaris zone 3. Zone examples 4. BigAdmin System Administration Portal - Solaris Zones