Friday, May 20, 2005

Perodua MyVI

Heard that Perodua is going to launch soon with a new model known as Perodua MyVI. It is suppose to be a Perodua model of the Toyota Passo. I come across this article which shows the impressive body kit. More information about MyVI here.

Microsoft Office Converters and Viewers

For people without Microsoft Office but still need to view those files, here is a list of viewers to view it.

Personalized Google homepage

Google is launching a new beta service, personalized Google homepage. It allows you to have a sort of like portal in the plain Google search page. However, I could not get Google Suggest to work in the Google homepage. Maybe they did not integrate this two beta service. However, you still get your Google Search History working in the personalized Google homepage.

Friday, May 06, 2005

Google Web Accelerator

Discovered another new application from google via google labs. This one is a cache server sitting inside your computer to accelerate your browsing experience. It is suppose to be able to cache and and pre fetch pages. I think there might even be contents that will be compressed by google before being downloaded by the accelerator thus saving on bandwidth. However, I feel that google will keep and use the traffic statistics of its user to boost its advert business. Another thing they could do is to insert ads into the pages fetched by the accelerator. Cause, I still don't believe anyone or any company is really that willing to give free services with no gimmicks attached.

Unobtrusive Javascript

This article on unobstructive Javascript is quite a good tutorial on writing really clean html codes. It guide us on how to not write our Javascript inline with our html codes. Read it and you will be quite amaze. This article is quite similar to something I had stumbled upon earlier which is about Javascript triggers.