Saturday, August 21, 2004

There is no such thing like “best practice” in software design

Interesting part from this article.
An increasing number of practitioners in the software design profession are observing that good design always depends on context; in fact they detect this notion of “best practice” as a harmful notion that prevent thinking and good design judgment because is commonly perceived and practiced as a silver bullet that just divulge the form but preclude the essence of the design process. Certainly, there is no such thing like “best practice” in software design; the notion lacks too many things to be useful for the advance of our design profession. A much better concept is that of a “good practice” or even better a design pattern which complete definition—accordingly to ‘Pattern Hatching. Design patterns applied’ by John Vlissides—is composed at least of name, problem, context, solution, recurrence and, teaching to tailor for variances.

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