Tuesday, August 17, 2004

PHEVOS AND ATHENA getting ready for the Athens Olympics!

Most of you might be wondering how did Athens 2004 mascot came to be... Ο Phèvos and Athenà are two modern children, a brother and a sister. Yet they were inspired by a doll from ancient Greece, as their names suggest. The boy is named after Phèvos Apollo, the God of Light and Music, and the girl after Athenà, the Goddess of Wisdom. In this way, Phèvos and Athenà symbolise the unbreakable link between the modern Olympic Games and Greek history. At the same time, they carry with them all the values that represent the Olympic ideal. They are two children who show us, through their love of play and their love of the game, that the important thing is taking part and not the result. A brother and a sister, symbolising the great Olympic idea of fraternity of all the world’s people. A boy and a girl, ambassadors not only of cooperation and noble competition, but more importantly of equality. And most of all, two human beings that represent Human Scale and remind us that the heart and soul of the Olympic Games is and will always be humanity. Phèvos and Athenà are two children, happy and simple, full of life and creativity. Two children ready to make mischief, but giving us an object lesson in how we should participate in the 2004 Olympic Games. With their laughter and their vivid presence, running around and playing together inseparably, Phèvos and Athenà express with enthusiasm and optimism the need that we all have to unite and share in the joy of the world’s greatest celebration of humanity: the Olympic Games...

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